CHAKRA DESIGN STUDIO was built on the idea of eco consciousness. Two extremely talented moms on a play date with their daughters, decided to spread the word… BETTER FOR THE EARTH BETTER FOR YOUR CHILD … to create comfortable, eco-friendly, aesthetic clothing and accessories for kids and home. The company’s design essence was based on the rich textile heritage of India, involving the traditional practices of a textile art called Kalamkari, This textile technique involves ancient methods of wooden block printing and dyeing with vegetable dyes.

CHAKRA’s products are manufactured from the fabrics, which are in the traditional art and craft design repertoire. CHAKRA’s fabrics are not only stylish and wearable, but also responsibly manufactured. The traditional printing methods are practiced and expertly executed on a range of cotton fabrics. CHAKRA has now diversified into womens’ clothing with the label, CHAKRA for HER and the home accessories label, CHAKRA ABODE. All the kids’ clothing would be 100% organic fabrics starting the Spring Summer 2015 collection. Soon the CHAKRA products would be completely organic.

The colors and silhouettes are inspired by everything around from the bustling streets of the city to the dusty villages brimming with culture and an abundance of natural vegetation. The age-old design archives are unearthed and re-interpreted to suit the modern day aesthetics. Small self-help women groups throughout the country create CHAKRA’s products.

The traditional printing techniques of Kalamkari are followed to create the exquisite print patterns by an artisan community in this small village in the south of India. The age old weaving technique of India, Jamdani which translates as embroidery on the loom creating intricate patterns on fabrics are used to make special pieces of clothing. These super fine, soft handwoven fabrics are created on hand looms by this community of weavers in this beautiful village in the East of India.

This little endeavor, CHAKRA helps boost the economic standards of the artisans in the community and also helps in reviving the design traditions of some of the  native textile arts of the region. In short, CHAKRA was established to send out positive energy into the world. So we believe in “clothe your soul”. We hope you enjoy clothing your children – your soul – in our products as much as we enjoy creating them.



Bindu Kasinadhuni, founder and design principal, holds a post-graduate diploma in textile design from the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, India, and a Master’s degree in textile design from Philadelphia University. Since the 1990s, she has been designing textiles professionally across the globe, from her native India to New York City, and has also taught courses in the field.